• Beauty Tips for Summer & Beyond? Yes, Please!

    We’re about halfway through Summer (booo!), and you know what that means — We’ve got a ways to go with looking’ puuurdy in the heat and sun!  Good thing beauty tips are a year round kinda thing. Here’s a few more must-haves to add to your arsenal before Autumn…


    For the skin — Play it safe! By now, we know we need that SPF. Best bet? A non-pore clogger, for sure. Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 uses SolaSheer tech for protection PLUS 48 hour hydration — win-win!


    For the hair — Pump it up! Nioxin‘s lightweight line keeps fine hairs plumped and smooth with Lightplex and Pro-Thick technologies. What’s that mean? Frizz-free volume and hold. Nuff said, ladies! Grab some Bodifying Foam and Extra or Power Hold hairsprays for under 20 bucks!


    Want more? Head right to PGEveryday.com for community-curated tips, trends and secrets from other busy ladies on-the-go!

  • Keepin’ It Sleek In The Heat!

    You’re already thinking about your hair, aren’t you? Oh, us too, ladies. Us too. Warm weather is when we want to look hot as can be, and with a few minor adjustments…. we can, we totally can.


    So about that hair…. Keep your locks tamed and smooth, humidity be darned! John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum protects and strengthens while keeping those strands on the sleek, and there’s a formula for every hair type — that means yours!



    Next up… Sweat-clogged pores. Face it, not a good look. A simple switch up to your summer routine can keep your skin polished and clear, no irritation required. Bioré® Acne Clearing Scrub goes all micro on the grime with Superfine Alumina Crystals that clear you up in just two days, and prevents debris from settling in for a future breakout.



    Now, we all know seasonal allergies can undo every kind of perfect you put in place. So how to keep that face all bright when pollen puts up a fight? Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong tissues and a bold lip. Odd couple, right? Puffs will soothe the eye and nose waterworks without scratching your surface (40% more cushioned than the usual tissue!), and a lip pop cheers your mood and keeps you feeling finished.



    The best part? All of these hot-hot essentials are always on hand at your local drugstore and easy on the pocket!

  • Sunbound? Repeat After Us: Hat, Sunnies, Reapply.

    Overcast much? Sure is here in NYC. But the sun stops for no cloud, my friends! It’s always our job to be smart about sun protection. But really… SPF, UVA, UVB, sunscreen, sunblock… what’s what?!? We admit — it can sound like a complicated business. Thing is, it’s not. And NYC dermatologist Dr. Doris Day was kind enough to break it all down for us, so we can break it all down for you…


    What to know? “Not all sunscreens are created equal.” Why use a product that meets FDA standards when you could use one that exceeds them? That’s Neutrogena’s Helioplex ® Technology. Their latest beach defense sunscreen has an SPF 30 lotion & SPF 70 sunscreen, with protection against UVA and UVB rays.


    AOP Translation: Neutrogena’s Helioplex ® Technology is the best protection from premature aging and skin cancer, period.


    How to use it? Apply… and reapply. Every two hours (more often if you take a dip or break some sweat). An ounce covers a whole body. So if you and three friends spend a day outside, at the end of the day, that bottle should be empty. Do the math.


    AOP Translation: Reapply.


    When to retreat? Midday, the sun is strongest. Hit the shade, wear a hat, get yourself some brand new sunnies for those peepers. UV rays can damage your eyes, too.


    AOP Translation: Make it fun! We don’t need an excuse to get all fashionable with our melanoma protection, so when Dr. Day pointed us to The Eye Browser.com, we went for it! Upload your smiling, sun-screened face, then virtually browse and try on the latest sunglass styles ahead of your shopping trip!


    Dr. Day’s Translation: Look for UVA and UVB protection– tint doesn’t count!


    AOP Translation: Thank you, Dr. Day!

  • Summer Up! Beach-Ready Beauty for Sun Season

    If there’s one season for looking superfine head to toe, it’s summertime. The beach! Short shorts! Strappy from sandals to tops!


    The go-to cocktail? SPF and antioxidants. The challenge? Getting it to stay put. Enter Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50. It’s all about active use — won’t wipe off, rub off, or float off into the ocean or pool for up to 80 minutes! Non-comedogenic, alcohol-free, paraben-free… it’s the stuff of collagen armor.



    You can still show up on the sands bronze-tastic without rays raiding your bod — Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion gets you tan and moisturized with zero exposure, and it evens out your stem’s skin tone, meaning farewell freckles! And veins? Vanished.



    With your skin’s on show, go easy on the make-up, girls. New York Color APPLEICIOUS Glossy Lip Balms primp your pout with sheer color while natural wonders like vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado oil soften and condition. Pick from ten delicious Apple-combo scents, swipe it on, and you’re good to go!




    And at the end of the day, restore your skin’s pH level with Sebamed face and body wash. It’s 100% soap and paraben free, and packed with amino acids and vitamins. Which means heavy hydration.



    When you’re not soaking up the warm, take Skinceuticals up on a free skincare check. The “Prevent. Protect. Get Checked” program is available to all — find your nearest doctor, and do something sweet for your skin!