• Keepin’ It Sleek In The Heat!

    You’re already thinking about your hair, aren’t you? Oh, us too, ladies. Us too. Warm weather is when we want to look hot as can be, and with a few minor adjustments…. we can, we totally can.


    So about that hair…. Keep your locks tamed and smooth, humidity be darned! John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum protects and strengthens while keeping those strands on the sleek, and there’s a formula for every hair type — that means yours!



    Next up… Sweat-clogged pores. Face it, not a good look. A simple switch up to your summer routine can keep your skin polished and clear, no irritation required. Bioré® Acne Clearing Scrub goes all micro on the grime with Superfine Alumina Crystals that clear you up in just two days, and prevents debris from settling in for a future breakout.



    Now, we all know seasonal allergies can undo every kind of perfect you put in place. So how to keep that face all bright when pollen puts up a fight? Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong tissues and a bold lip. Odd couple, right? Puffs will soothe the eye and nose waterworks without scratching your surface (40% more cushioned than the usual tissue!), and a lip pop cheers your mood and keeps you feeling finished.



    The best part? All of these hot-hot essentials are always on hand at your local drugstore and easy on the pocket!

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