• Noseblind and I Never Knew It!

    Have you ever wondered if your house smelled? I often find myself wondering if my three feline roommates or that gym bag, which has become a permanent fixture in my car have caused the places I inhabit to become offensive to the senses. However, I thought after several sniffs if I can’t smell anything no one can right? Oh how WRONG I was….

    Yesterday I learned the terrifying fact that my place could reek without me even knowing….”how?” you may ask… the answer, “Noseblindness”! Jane Lynch teamed up with Febreze and Funny or Die to expose the condition.


    ““Generally speaking many people experience “noseblindess” on a daily basis and there’s a pretty cool reason behind it– your brain registers scents and dismisses those that don’t pose a threat or require an action, that way your nose and your brain are freed up to focus on other surroundings,” Lynch told us.

    Get your nose in on the issue that is actually more scientific than you would think. And you can catch the hilarious Funny or Die “PSA” at www.noseblind.com.