• Green is a Beautiful Thing

    Not a fan of these April showers, thankfully I am starting to pack for a much needed vacation this weekend. Hitting the beach, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do, although preparing…not so much. Seriously, I’ve gone through countless razors, looking for a good one, decided to try Schick® Xtreme3® it has a flexible, triple blade which makes for a really smooth result. Best part is, they came out with this eco-friendly razor, Xtreme3® Eco™ 100 % recycled plastic in it’s handle, and 100 percent post-consumer paper for  packaging.

    Loving it, bring on the beach!

  • Quick Way to Keep Allergies at Bay

    I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely noticing the affects of allergy season…itchy eyes, stuffy nose and of course the non-stop sneezing! Something I just learned was that on a peak pollen day, a large t-shirt can trap up to 7 million pollen grains within a 24 hour time period. Bleh! Then you’re bringing that pollen right into your home when you walk inside. So a great tip to keep the pollen away is to wash your clothes frequently, especially if you’re outside a lot. That’s definitely my plan this spring, so I’ll be doing a lot of washes.

    Removes 99% of Spring's #1 allergen, tree and grass pollen in every wash

  • Stars Stylin’ at Coachella

    Coachella is obviously about the music but fashion is a MAJOR part of the event. Tons of celebs strut their stuff while jamming out, and Camilla Belle is no exception… she looked stunning in white at the Neon Carnival, which took place during the highly anticipated festival. The actress made a classic ensemble come to life, by pairing it with some fabulous accessories from lia sophia. The “Gloss ring” in white, and the “Technicolor Stretch Bracelet” in white (both under $100!)



  • Makeup That Makes Me Happy!

    So excited spring is finally here, although I am in desperate need of a tan! I don’t see a beach in my near future, so I have been on the hunt for an amazing bronzer to brighten things up. Enter, Physicians Formula®, they just came out this amaze new line of makeup,  bronzer, blush and lipgloss, called Happy Booster™, it is EVERYTHING, people.  Totally gives my face the sun- kissed look I want and its designed to enhance your mood on top of it, such a score. Its really affordable which is an added bonus.


    Courtesy of: LifeMinute.tv

  • Home Renovation Must-Have

    I’m currently going through the rigorous process of purchasing a home…and hopefully my family and I will be in it soon. With the summer months just around the corner the first project we’d like to tackle is building a deck. I love the look of real wood, but the problem is that it can warp, crack and lose it’s luster. So something new we’re considering is Perennial Wood which is actually REAL southern pine but it’s specially treated to last for 25 years. How awesome is that!

    Courtesy: LifeMinute.TV

    It comes in four great colors, I’m liking the cherry.

  • Eco-Friendly Beauty

    With the unexpected warmer weather this winter season, it’s got me thinking a bit more about my carbon foot print and how I should start treading a little lighter on the planet. Maybe all that global warming talk was real 🙂 So I’m taking small steps, starting with my shampoo. Pantene has just come out with their Nature Fusion shampoo and conditioner packaging that’s made with 59% sugarcane derived plastic which uses less fossil fuel.

    Visit future friendly on facebook for more on this!