• Putting My Best Hair Forward this New Year

    There is no doubt that this has been a hectic month! I have spent so much time shopping, decorating, and entertaining I that I’ve hardly had any ME time! Getting to the salon is so time consuming this time of year so I decided to give the Rowenta Inspiration Pro Auto Sensor Hair Dryer a try. Without having the time and energy for the salon my Rowenta gave me a great blowout that lasts all night. Ladies it’s time to look your best, strut your stuff, enjoy a cocktail and celebrate the holiday’s looking your best! Cheers!

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  • Holiday Menu: Champagne and Cheese!

    It’s Christmas crunch time people. This year I’ll be the host so the pressure is on! On the menu: lots of apps, turkey and ham as the main dish, and still searching for some great dessert recipes.  I went to Whole Foods recently for some inspiration and found this cheese called Champagne Cheddar that I’m going to use as one of the apps.

    perfectcheeseplate4It’s a cheese that is actually infused with champagne.  I’ve never seen this before but I had a sample and it tastes great and I know my guest will love it! I might even be ambitious and try this recipe for Champagne Cheddar Cheese Straws! Keep you posted on that one.

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  • Get Ready to Stuff Those Stockings!

    There’s only one Christmas morning activity that beats unwrapping presents… and that’s digging into your designated stocking. If you haven’t set out on a stocking stuffer shopping spree yet, here are some picks to put on the list.

    Picture 8In Target I came across Gum Crayola SQUEEZE-A-COLOR toothpaste.  Yes that’s right! Kids get to color their teeth with this cool crayon -like toothbrushes and bright toothpaste. The kiddos will love it and so will the parents!  I’m stuffing the stockings with  Blueberry Burst and Jazzy Apple.


    My other latest discovery Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy lip moisturizer might be the cutest thing every! The jars are jazzed up with European crystals.  I may have even dropped one in my own stocking…StarHolidayLooksvaseline


  • The Perfect Holiday Gift? Look No Further than the Bathroom…

    In my spare time (oh wait who has spare time) I have been all over the place searching for those perfect gifts for my kids,  hubby,  mother, sister, nephews… ahhh!!!!!  They are all so different in age in size in interest but I want to be the one to get them all a gift they could use.

    lastminutegifts2As I was getting ready this morning and I was brushing my teeth I realized my Oral-B Deep Sweep Power Brush would be a perfect gift.  It’s kept my dental bills down and my teeth shining.  Best of all for the shopper it can be found online at OralB.com.  See ya long check out lines!

  • Decking the Halls, Table and Everything Else…

    Over here at Art of Pretty we are all getting ourselves and our homes ready for the holiday season which is now in full force!  This season I decided to spice up my holiday table décor and ran into some fun decorations while shopping at JCPenneyJonathon Adler’s Happy Chic line for JCPenney is an amazing collection.

    Picture 14

    One piece that I LOVE is the place guards.  They’re not only place guards, but also a picture frame that can be turned into an ornament.  I can’t wait for my guests to come over and check these out at my table!



  • My Secret Holiday Escape… Hint: It’s Warm and Sunny!

    December is a crazy month! While in the mist of endless shopping, holiday parties, and dressing up as Santa for the kids (yes that happened…), I all the sudden envisioned myself soaking up some rays on a tropical island with a margarita in hand. I wondered to myself HOW do I make it reality?! With a little surfing of the net I figured out my dreams of actually surfing were not only affordable but only a few clicks away.


    The antidote for the winter blues? Celebrity Cruises and their lifesaving “One, Two, Three, Go Promotion” where you can select the package you value most such as the Classic Beverage Package or the Free Gratuity Package.  I think I’ll go with the beverage and Bahamas! Here’s the site celebrity.com, enjoy, and don’t forget to send me a post card!


  • Heineken Carol Karaoke Challenge. Do You Have the “Bells” to Accept?

    That is the question Heineken asked unsuspecting karaoke singers when their intimate sing sesh was abruptly stopped and they were asked if they wanted to continue singing to an audience of thousands. The audience for these ambushed amateurs? Pedestrians watching Times Square billboards, NYC taxis riders, and fans viewing a giant NBA jumbotron.


    We can’t say we accept the challenge but these people did and their reactions are hilarious! Check them out at YouTube.com/ChristmasKaraoke.

  • The Sophiscated Selfie

    The “selfie” many have attempted, few have mastered…. in case you’re not aware of the selfie phenomenon here’s the recently added Oxford Dictionaries Online definition: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”

    Picture 7

    Tech Expert, Stephanie Humphrey snaps the perfect selfie with the new LG G2

    Now that you’re schooled on the selfie, why is capturing the perfect picture of yourself so elusive? Let’s (literally) put a finger on the problem…. most smartphones just don’t cut it when it comes to coordinating the cumbersome “pose and press” to snap that shot. The result of pushing the phone’s frontal button? An awkward angle and/or a lingering arm in the foreground. But behold the LG G2 aka the selfie’s new best friend. What the G2 offers is a Rear Key button to totally advert a photo faux pas. Phew! Selfie on!

  • A Peekaboo of the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    It’s the sexiest time of year…the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is here!





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