• Art of a Pretty Clean Home: 6 Spring Cleaners for Those who Hate to Clean

    AOP Cleaning Post

    Spring is officially upon us and unfortunately so is “Spring Cleaning”. For all of those (like myself) who are not a fan of spending spring days inside scrubbing, washing and organizing here are some of my favorites finds to make the job a little less of a job…

    Clorox general bleach: Goodbye mildew, mold, moss and looking like a mess in my stained white blouse. Win!

    Glad trash bags with Gain scent: Because why should the trash can smell like garbage when it can smell like a lavender breeze or a Hawaiian vacation? Exactly…

    Pine-Sol: Zaps wine stains away on both my dress and my living room carpet. Done and done!

    Bounty with Dawn: Your dirty kitchen won’t stand a chance against this duo.

    Seventh Generation: The All Purpose Cleaner is free of harsh fumes and solvents and prevents volatile compounds or VOCs from polluting the air. FYI – the wipes can kill up to 99.9% of household germs in one fell swoop. Enough said.

    Tide HE Turbo Clean: Works with High Efficiency washing machines to save water and the cap actually tells you exactly how much detergent to use. No brainer.


  • The Sophiscated Selfie

    The “selfie” many have attempted, few have mastered…. in case you’re not aware of the selfie phenomenon here’s the recently added Oxford Dictionaries Online definition: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”

    Picture 7

    Tech Expert, Stephanie Humphrey snaps the perfect selfie with the new LG G2

    Now that you’re schooled on the selfie, why is capturing the perfect picture of yourself so elusive? Let’s (literally) put a finger on the problem…. most smartphones just don’t cut it when it comes to coordinating the cumbersome “pose and press” to snap that shot. The result of pushing the phone’s frontal button? An awkward angle and/or a lingering arm in the foreground. But behold the LG G2 aka the selfie’s new best friend. What the G2 offers is a Rear Key button to totally advert a photo faux pas. Phew! Selfie on!