• Book Review: Good Graces by Lesley Kagan

    Review By: Cindy of HelloDollface.com

    Good Graces by Lesley Kagan

    Last year I read- and enjoyed- Whistling in the Dark, the story of two girls growing up in 1959 and facing among other things, a child molester, murderer and the death of their father.

    I was very eager to get my hands on Good Graces, the sequel to Whistling in the Dark.

    Author Lesley Kagen gives a strong voice to young Sally the narrator of the story, as she tries to make good on a promise she made to her father before he died. She must take care of her little sister, Troo, a troublemaker with a sassy mouth.

    Sally tries to keep Troo safe as danger swirls around them during the summer of 1960, a year after Whistling in the Dark. Sally worries Troo might be involved in something serious like the series of neighborhood break-ins, a missing orphan and the escape from reform school by a school yard adversary who has reason to hate Troo. Keep in mind Sally is only eleven years old.

    The story completely drew me in and I couldn’t turn pages fast enough to find out who was behind the crimes committed. Was Troo involved, did she know something? And how did Sally manage to keep her sister safe- or did she?

    If Lesley Kagen writes a sequel to this sequel, I will be first in line for it!

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