• Art of a Pretty Clean Home: 6 Spring Cleaners for Those who Hate to Clean

    AOP Cleaning Post

    Spring is officially upon us and unfortunately so is “Spring Cleaning”. For all of those (like myself) who are not a fan of spending spring days inside scrubbing, washing and organizing here are some of my favorites finds to make the job a little less of a job…

    Clorox general bleach: Goodbye mildew, mold, moss and looking like a mess in my stained white blouse. Win!

    Glad trash bags with Gain scent: Because why should the trash can smell like garbage when it can smell like a lavender breeze or a Hawaiian vacation? Exactly…

    Pine-Sol: Zaps wine stains away on both my dress and my living room carpet. Done and done!

    Bounty with Dawn: Your dirty kitchen won’t stand a chance against this duo.

    Seventh Generation: The All Purpose Cleaner is free of harsh fumes and solvents and prevents volatile compounds or VOCs from polluting the air. FYI – the wipes can kill up to 99.9% of household germs in one fell swoop. Enough said.

    Tide HE Turbo Clean: Works with High Efficiency washing machines to save water and the cap actually tells you exactly how much detergent to use. No brainer.


  • TGIF Treats

    It’s Friday, which means i’m in full weekend warrior mode. I love spending my summer weekends hiking, biking or doing any “outdoorsy” activity and  am always on the hunt for the best snacks to pack. Here are a few that my friends over at LifeMinute tuned me into….Clif’s new Mojo bars packed with protein, Honest Team Lemonade to stay hydrated. And Badger Balm (a sunscreen AND bug repellent free of chemicals) for the win!


    Happy Weekend!


  • Health Tips from the Real Life Dr. McDreamy

    You know the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well if Dr. Travis Stork was my doctor I swear off apples for life. I know I’m not the only one who watches The Doctors just to see him…


    I got a double dose of the doctor the other day when he talked to my friends at LifeMinute about oral health. Turns out  good oral health promotes overall health. So brush your teeth kids! For the full facts, I’ll let Dr. McDreamy do the talking….see what he has to say here!

  • Fighting Fad Diets

    Akins, Lemonade, South Beach are all diets that although popular don’t deliver. The reason why? They are temporary and impractical that’s why the only way I found to truly get healthy and lose weight is a “doable” change in your overall lifestyle.  Check out this one program I found called Take Shape for Life, where you get your own personal coach and daily tips. PS look at the delicious food below that’s all part of the plan. Now that’s a diet I can definitely do.

    Picture 3

  • Lighten Your Load: Laundry Detergents Free of Dyes and Perfumes

    Some of the biggest laundry detergent brands are freeing up their formulas. Not only are these dye and perfume-free gentler on your clothes but also on skin, which is huge! Look out for Tide Free & Gentle, Downy and Bounce Free & Sensitive fabric enhancers for a healthy switch.


  • Health, Happiness and Delicious Snack Options in 2014

    Every once in awhile (ok you caught me – all the time!) my sweet tooth kicks in and I get a craving for a delicious dessert. How to indulge but still keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions? Women’s Health Magazine recently came out with their Supermarket Stars. On the list– Edy’s Outshine Cranberry Fruit Bars. I picked ’em up in the frozen aisle, so tasty and for only 70 calories plus all the health benefits associated with cranberries. They are sure to return to my shopping cart!


    Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com/Outshine


  • Get Ready to Stuff Those Stockings!

    There’s only one Christmas morning activity that beats unwrapping presents… and that’s digging into your designated stocking. If you haven’t set out on a stocking stuffer shopping spree yet, here are some picks to put on the list.

    Picture 8In Target I came across Gum Crayola SQUEEZE-A-COLOR toothpaste.  Yes that’s right! Kids get to color their teeth with this cool crayon -like toothbrushes and bright toothpaste. The kiddos will love it and so will the parents!  I’m stuffing the stockings with  Blueberry Burst and Jazzy Apple.


    My other latest discovery Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy lip moisturizer might be the cutest thing every! The jars are jazzed up with European crystals.  I may have even dropped one in my own stocking…StarHolidayLooksvaseline


  • SELF Help: You Are What You Eat!

    SELF Magazine‘s latest Best Of list is serving up the best healthy food options on the market, and no better time than bikini season to really pay attention to the You Are What You Eat, So Eat Healthy motto. Eat healthy, feel healthy, look healthy… well, yeah!

    screen-shot-2013-06-07-111038-am copy

    Options like Thomas’ Whole Wheat English Muffins, Whole Food’s Organic Whole Wheat pastas and Cliff Crunch granola bars got you covered in the fuel department, and just one glance at their tasty top picks reminds us: healthy no longer means sacrifice! Cheese? Check. Organic Light String Cheese isn’t just the real thing, it’s also versatile — make it a snack, or use it in your recipes. And taste? It’s all there — Healthy Choice Top Chef manages to serve up Chicken & Potatoes with Peach BBQ Sauce.

    screen-shot-2013-06-07-111131-am copy

    screen-shot-2013-06-07-111102-am copy


    The only thing you’re missing with any reader’s choice here — guilt. For a one-stop munch-a-thon, head to Whole Foods Market and get shopping!

  • Sunbound? Repeat After Us: Hat, Sunnies, Reapply.

    Overcast much? Sure is here in NYC. But the sun stops for no cloud, my friends! It’s always our job to be smart about sun protection. But really… SPF, UVA, UVB, sunscreen, sunblock… what’s what?!? We admit — it can sound like a complicated business. Thing is, it’s not. And NYC dermatologist Dr. Doris Day was kind enough to break it all down for us, so we can break it all down for you…


    What to know? “Not all sunscreens are created equal.” Why use a product that meets FDA standards when you could use one that exceeds them? That’s Neutrogena’s Helioplex ® Technology. Their latest beach defense sunscreen has an SPF 30 lotion & SPF 70 sunscreen, with protection against UVA and UVB rays.


    AOP Translation: Neutrogena’s Helioplex ® Technology is the best protection from premature aging and skin cancer, period.


    How to use it? Apply… and reapply. Every two hours (more often if you take a dip or break some sweat). An ounce covers a whole body. So if you and three friends spend a day outside, at the end of the day, that bottle should be empty. Do the math.


    AOP Translation: Reapply.


    When to retreat? Midday, the sun is strongest. Hit the shade, wear a hat, get yourself some brand new sunnies for those peepers. UV rays can damage your eyes, too.


    AOP Translation: Make it fun! We don’t need an excuse to get all fashionable with our melanoma protection, so when Dr. Day pointed us to The Eye Browser.com, we went for it! Upload your smiling, sun-screened face, then virtually browse and try on the latest sunglass styles ahead of your shopping trip!


    Dr. Day’s Translation: Look for UVA and UVB protection– tint doesn’t count!


    AOP Translation: Thank you, Dr. Day!

  • Ginnifer Goodwin Swishes for Listerine® (And So Should You)

    Our favorite pixie screen-darling, Ginnifer Goodwin, sat down with LifeMinute to talk about her partnership with Smiles Across America for the Listerine® 21-Day Challenge. GG talked the benefits of sleep, water and, of course, the swish…


    My dears, it only takes 30 seconds twice daily for Listerine® Ultraclean Antiseptic to keep your mega-watt smile in tip-top shape AND contribute to dental care for children who don’t normally have access to oral health services. That’s a win-win!


    Want to help ABC’S Once Upon a Time starlet put a smile on the faces of children in need? (Of course you do.) Visit Facebook to sign on!

    The swish.

    Ginnifer’s red-carpet swish (it’s THAT easy!)