• My Secret Holiday Escape… Hint: It’s Warm and Sunny!

    December is a crazy month! While in the mist of endless shopping, holiday parties, and dressing up as Santa for the kids (yes that happened…), I all the sudden envisioned myself soaking up some rays on a tropical island with a margarita in hand. I wondered to myself HOW do I make it reality?! With a little surfing of the net I figured out my dreams of actually surfing were not only affordable but only a few clicks away.


    The antidote for the winter blues? Celebrity Cruises and their lifesaving “One, Two, Three, Go Promotion” where you can select the package you value most such as the Classic Beverage Package or the Free Gratuity Package.  I think I’ll go with the beverage and Bahamas! Here’s the site celebrity.com, enjoy, and don’t forget to send me a post card!


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