• What Do Ryan Reynolds, The Indy 500, and a Snail Have in Common?

    No, the above title is not a joke, nor a rhetorical question–the seemingly unrelated person, place and thing actually all come together in DreamWorks latest animated film, “Turbo“.


    Last night the new 3D flick that tells the delightful tale of a snail named Turbo (voice by Ryan Reynolds) gifted with super-speed and dreams of winning the Indy 500, premiered at the Lincoln Square Loews.




    So who came out to cheer on Turbo at his big New York City debut? Naturally, the whole star-studded cast which besides Blake Lively’s better half, includes Paul Giamatti, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez and more!





    Oh also some of Nascar’s best racers just happened to come out too… and it turns out the pros were just as impressed by the story of the little snail who could as we are.


    Indy 500 winner himself, Tony Kanaan called the big screen portrayal of racing life the “real thing”. If the animated adaption is realistic enough for the guy who lived it, then it looks like DreamWorks created another cinematic masterpiece! We can’t wait to experience Turbo when it hits theaters July 17th!

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