• The Affordable Makeover: Legs & Nails

    Beauty routines mean beauty products, and when we’re talking head to toe, that adds up… fast. We’re all more than entitled to a splurge here and there, but as responsible gals, we also like to keep the bank account in check. So how to keep up with the upkeep in-between? Easy — smooth skin on those pins and a polished nail.


    screen-shot-2013-06-11-124345-pm copy


    Schick Hydro Silk Razor uses five blades for the closest shave imaginable, hydration included. And once you’re smooth, go for firm too. c.Booth makes an antioxidant rich firming lotion that’s natural, non-greasy, and all sorts of honey-almondy — exactly what your freshly shaved pins deserve. Sounds like you’ll be feeling almost like a Bond girl…. In fact, go with that!


    Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 12.44.31 PM


    OPI‘s new Bond Girl Collection works all the best nail trends (texturized, shimmery and sand finishes) in all the right shades (coral, gold, purple, turquoise, pink and silver!) It’s no ordinary polish, but it’s an instant makeover — you’ll look finished, feel confident, and maybe even forget about that “new treatment” you “must try!”

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