• Nothing Pedestrian About Frightened Rabbit

    Scottish indie outfit Frightened Rabbit’s most recent studio album, Pedestrian Verse, sees lyricist-lead vocalist-rhythm guitarist Scott Hutchison hopping out of his comfort zone for a less “inward looking” record that “looks slightly more at a wider section of society.” And he does so with a newfound knack for storytelling in favor of relaying personal experience.Translation: “Something completely new is happening.” Several albums in, and it sounds like the rabbit isn’t as frightened as he used to be.

    Scott Hutchison http://www.lifeminute.tv/

    Scott Hutchison

    Scott told us he makes no apologies for defying genre (“It’s just honest and I think we’re doing it for the right reasons.” YES!), and counts their folk-tinged edges as steeped in natural Scottish tradition. Something else he dropped without sorrys? What to expect on their “ongoing, neverending” tour. Like, a “half old, half new” setlist, and “tons of sweat…  can’t help that.” Oh, true!


    Listen to Backyard Skulls if you haven’t — it’s phenom.

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