• Book Review: Hiding in Sunshine


    When was the last time you made it through a meal without checking your cell phone? How about the last time you went a day without “friending” or tweeting or even sending an e-mail? As the line between our online and offline lives becomes blurrier, and everyone from politicians to celebs is falling prey to cyber stalkers, what happens when your typical suburban family gets caught up in a worldwide web of suspense and treachery, set in the murky terrain of cyber terrorism?


    That’s the question asked by father-and-daughter first-time authors John and Caitlin Stuart in their new novel Hiding in Sunshine, a thrilling story that follows the Brinkley family through years of stolen moments and stolen identities, complicated relationships and imminent danger, as they strive to survive while protecting each other and their country.


    Available in hardcover and paperback on www.hidinginsunshine.com, www.amazon.com and www.bn.com – or as an e-book if you can’t bear to log off long enough to flip pages the old-fashioned way, Hiding in Sunshine is terrific, terrifying and topical – and enough to make even the most cyber-savvy among us think before we tweet.

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